Jiji and Olx can be called a free market where the good, the bad and the ugly come to sell.

let me explain: The good are those willing to sell good products at a good price, the bad are those willing to sell fake products and the ugly are  those willing to sell nothing but make money from unsuspecting buyers; they achieve this by posting products at a cheap price thereby luring the buyer with their cheap price and when you click on buy or call them, they will be formal with everything and request you pay them for the delivery ****NEVER PAY FOR DELIVERY*****


  • Don’t buy a product that is too cheap, its either fake or the seller is an ugly one ****N.B few desperate sellers might deside to sell cheap***
  • Don’t buy if the seller is not sure of what he is selling e.g in the description box, you see an ipad with 4gb ram(impossible for now) or a different phone model on the display picture and a different model on the description.
  • Tell the seller to tell you the 7th and 8th digit of the phones imei number, tell him to dial *#06# to see the number, if the 7th and 8th digits are “1 and 3”, please don’t buy the phone, its assembled in Azerbaiijan and its fake. If its “0,2 0r 2,0“,it means the phone is assembled in Emirates which is very poor quality.. 0,5 or 5,0 is good. click this link to see more IMEI CODES .
  • Make sure you are buying the phone at the market price, confirm from other sellers or visit my youtubechannel to know the market price of various phones both new and used phones.
  • Tell the seller to meet you in an open place like a market or a busy place so that you can test the phone.
  • Confirm that every part is working before paying, insert your sim in the phone and browse for about 15 minutes to know if the phone gets hot easily and the battery capacity.
  • Switch the phone on and off many times to see if the battery drops everytime its restarted, if the battery goes down every time its restarted then you should ask for another battery or a compensation for the battery.
  • Don’t forget to test the camera,mouthpiece, speaker, headphone jack, sim and memory slot , charging port and also the virtual keyboard to make sure the screen is okay.
  • Finally when you want to pay for the phone, make sure you are in an open place but not too open; lets say a secure place.

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